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We offer coaching, psychotherapy and supervision.

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Working together we can create a powerful coaching relationship. Coaching enables you to understand how you can manage and achieve the results you want.


By providing a caring and supportive relationship I help you explore your thoughts and feelings on stressful events that you may experience as making you feel unsafe, helpless or vulnerable.


We offer supervision for psychotherapists, counsellors, and coaches. Enabling you to enhance your service effectiveness and client value.

Emergent Knowledge

The Gyroscope experience gives you access to physical and spatial wisdom encoded in your body and in the space around you. Using your awareness of the position and movement of your body in space you learn about your past and design your future. This process enables you to accessing areas that talking and thinking just cant reach.

My approach is open, collaborative and far reaching. I am strongly committed to client’s achieving their desired outcomes, my practice is grounded in theory and experience – it is practical and effective. My practice meets all the ethical guidelines of UKCP – your confidentiality is fully assured.

Shaun Hotchkiss

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